Switzerland remains the world’s largest wealth management Centre for international assets. The Swiss wealth
management hub benefits from high political and economic stability, as does Singapore. However, Switzerland outperforms
Singapore in terms of provider capability, especially service quality and digital maturity. Switzerland
continues to have a competitive edge thanks to the digital skills of its workforce, its longstanding know-how in serving
international clientele and customer-oriented approach, according to a report by Deloitte. In addition, Switzerland is
still by far the most secretive financial center in the world.

When it comes to choosing a location to invest their assets, today’s international wealth management clients are looking for
excellent service, which includes digital tools, a top-notch advisory experience and privacy. Tax and regulatory conditions
are still important, but more as a standard that financial hubs are expected to fulfill. Switzerland is still the go-to place for
first-rate client experience, which is why we can be confident about the future of the Swiss wealth management hub. Swiss
wealth managers have done their homework well in the last couple of years, and even got their relatively high costs under
control, increasing their cost-to-income ratios and profitability.