«Keeping what’s good while daring to do something new.» The Swiss banking industry is of immense economic importance. The past few years, however, have been characterized by many different developments. On the one hand, the consequences of globalization have brought a boom to the banks in Switzerland with their professional services, especially in the field of asset management. That is also noticed abroad. With Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland has two top level worldwide financial centers. On the other hand, there are immense challenges to be overcome in the context of the financial crisis, such as new regulatory requirements, the de facto end of bank secrecy and new customer demands regarding communication.

Successful family businesses with their dynasties have historically known good and bad times. They were able, and are always able, to react innovatively to changes and hurdles. Today, it is especially important to convey this to one’s target groups.

With BANKEN DYNASTIEN there is now a journalistic platform, within the framework of the successful publishing group of Rundschau Medien AG, where the banks present themselves with their history, their personalities and successful models, to their targeted groups.