bauRUNDSCHAU stands at the center of the day-to-day business of the con- struction industry, the craft trades and the architectural worlds. We are a direct and expert communication platform between providers and decision makers of industry sectors.

With experienced business experts, pioneering products and innovative tech- nologies, we leave the construction industry with anything but a boring appe- arance. Our subject areas include planning and architecture, work on the con- struction site, construction,  structural  engineering, civil engineering, interior design, environmental technologies, building redevelopment, energy efficient construction and infrastructure that allows for «intelligent  living». We filter relevant information around the subjects of architecture, construction and technology. The current construction process is reflected in the presentation of pioneering construction projects. bauRUNDCHAU takes a stand, provides background knowledge and invites controversial, professional discussion.

In the context of business portraits, we present personalities from the sectors of our target groups. At the same time, we take a look at business management solutions in construction from outside the box. bauRUNDSCHAU presents so- lutions from clients and architects who cause a stir. Renewable energies and forward-looking  solutions have priority. In each issue we present one ground- breaking project, which is style-defining for the future.

Editing and layout are carried out in-house. BauRUNDSCHAU offers various editorial possibilities: In addition to business repor ts, other journalistic forms such as columns, commentaries, portraits, interviews and reports are selected.