Geschäftsführer Basel MAGAZINE


The Basel region is special due to its diversity which makes it an extremely interesting economic area. Centrally located  in the hear t of Europe, at the corner where three countries meet, with an outstanding infrastructure and equipped with a high educa- tional standard of the population,  it is «The gateway to Switzerland»,  offering to both traditionally-oriented and also to future-oriented companies and technologies, significant location advantages to exploit.

The “Executive Director” (Der «Geschäftsführer») is the first print magazine which focuses on the economic and business world of the Basel region. Of course, the daily press will tell you the latest developments in the regional business world, however, which personalities and which ideas are behind the companies? Therefore, every quarter the «Executive Director» looks behind the company logos and the bare key figures and and shows the people who shape the local and regional economic activity with their commitment, their convictions and their risk awareness.

We are pleased to provide you with the «Executive Director», a sustainable contact and Information platform.