With energieRUNDSCHAU, you can reach specialist offices in the federal government, cantons and municipalities, purchasing managers in industry, banks and insurance companies, SMEs, environmental experts, architects, engineers and general contractors.

The energieRUNDSCHAU highlights current hot topics in the Swiss energy sector and energy market and provides you with well-founded and competent information on the latest news, trends and innovative market services. With the energieRUNDSCHAU, the publishing team has set itself the goal of providing food for thought and actively contributing to the modernization of the public and private sectors and their inevitable course of development.

The provision of energy services is demanding and complex. Meeting the demands is confronted with the reality of permanent cost pressure. Knowledge of the energy markets and their performance is therefore central to choosing and deploying the right solutions.

The practical reports presented provide valuable insights into the organization and planning of various solution processes in the energy industry. Among other things, you will learn which tried-and-tested technologies and services are used specifically in the energy industry environment and which are the key success factors here.