Geschäftsführer Basel EMAG


In its diversity, the Basel region in particular is an extremely interesting economic area. Centrally located in the heart of Europe at the border triangle, with an above-average infrastructure and a high standard of education among the population, “The Gateway to Switzerland” offers traditional, but also forward-looking companies and technologies considerable locational advantages that must be exploited.

«Geschäftsführer Basel» is the first print magazine to focus on the economic, managerial and business world in the Basel region. Sure, you can read about the latest developments in the regional business world in the daily press. But which personalities and which ideas are behind the companies and are responsible for their management?

That’s why «Geschäftsführer Basel» takes a quarterly look behind the company logos and the bare key figures and shows the people who shape local and regional economic activity with their commitment, their convictions and also their risk awareness.

We are pleased to offer you a sustainable contact and information platform with the «Geschäftsführer Basel».