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The economic region of Bern, thanks to its central geographical location, offers many benefits of a dynamic location and is economically, politically and financially stable.

The canton of Berne together with Zurich is the largest industrial canton of Switzerland. In addition, in the capital of Switzerland, public administration is an important factor. Three quarters of the employees in the canton of Bern work in the service sector, and around one in five employees in Swiss agriculture work in the canton of Bern. Tourism is also a strong economic factor. Together with Graubünden and Valais, the canton of Bern belongs to the three largest tourism cantons of Switzerland.

In international studies regarding location quality, the economic region of Bern occupies the highest ranks. Quality of life is ensured by rersonal security, the generally highly educated population, cultural diversity, political stability, housing and enviromental quality, the leisure of facilities and also the well – functioning trade, as well as innovative and solidly established start – ups for all tradesmen and SME’s. The unique position as “political epicenter” of Switzerland, with many interest groups, makes the region of Bern even more interesting. The capital Bern, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, the Aare and a diverse natural and recreational area also offers a unique atmosphere for living and working.

For these reasons, we bring the «Executive Director Bern» on the market. The high-quality produced and content-exciting publication should not only be the «new capital magazine» for the economic and business community of the city of Bern, but also for other interested parties from the Greater Bern region. Personalities are the focus, but also interesting developments, controversies and stories from the region.

Therefore, every quarter the «Executive Director Bern» looks behind the company logos and the bare key figures and and shows the people who shape the local and regional economic activity with their commitment, their convictions and their risk awareness.

We are pleased to provide you with the «Executive Director Bern», a sustainable contact and information platform.




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