The exclusive travel magazine IMAGINE defines travel in a new and unusual way. What does it mean? Travel can be an unforgettable experience even without the most expensive or extravagant hotels, it can include very personal and at the same time inspiring moments. Sitting in front of a tent in the Hoggar Mountains in the Sahara at night, gazing in wonder at the incomparable starry sky, can be pure luxury. We capture such moments for our readers.

Under some core headings we classify the desire for exclusive travel. We take you to the best olive groves in Liguria or rummage in old wine cellars in France. We go with you on a cruise or marvel at the luxury liners of the skies. Stories, countries and regions around the globe with that certain something.

With a circulation of 30,000 copies, IMAGINE offers a wealth of exciting travel reports, interviews and photo spreads from the most beautiful places on our globe. Four times a year, we will bring our readers closer to the world between the Arctic and Australia with extraordinary journalistic appearances.

IMAGINE will present its travel moments in a stylish layout, with expert articles and first-class photography. The top-class magazine sets new standards in travel journalism. IMAGINE is a travel magazine that not only awakens the desire to travel, but also the desire to read.