The handy travel magazine IMAGINE defines travelling in new and extraordinary ways. What does that mean? Travel does not just comprise the concept of the most expensive or extravagant hotels in the world. Travel can include very personal and at the same time, inspiring moments. For those sitting in front of their tent at night in the Sahara’s Hoggar Mountains, beholdingthe astounding, incomparable starry sky, this can be pure luxury. In IMAGINE you will find extraordinary and unusual travel destinations.

We capture such moments and destinations for our readers. We arrange the desire for travel into several key categories. We take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world or to the most adventurous excursions in the mountains. We accompany you on luxury cruises or marvel at the luxury liners of the sky: Stories, countries and regions around the globe with that certain something.

With a circulation of 42’500 copies IMAGINE offers a wealth of exciting ideas, travel reports, interviews and photo galleries from the most extraordinary places in our world. Four times a year we bring our readers closer to the world, from the Arctic to Australia, with extraordinary journalistic works.

IMAGINE presents travel moments to you in a stylish layout with expert contributions and first class photography. This practical magazine sets new standards asin a manner of speaking, a travel guide. IMAGINE is a magazine that awakens not just the passion to travel but also the desire to dream.