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«The hundred best wineries»
Wine is a fascinating topic of pleasure. A convincing wine translates the theoretical term “Savoir-vivre” into a living practice. However, what is special about a noble and full-bodied premium wine? What characterizes such wines?

A premium wine is a feast for the senses. With our eyes, we already recognize the character of the wine. When we look at it, associations such as strength, beauty and elegance come up. Already we feel a good wine. The scent of the wine triggers a variety of emotions within us. Sometimes we are transported into the past, into a situation, to a locale where we had a delightful culinary experience. The bulbous shape of a wine glass sensitizes our sense of touch. Tasting a wine is the highlight. Our tongue distinguishes various taste sensations. We taste pepper, chocolate, lemon and much more. Last but not least, we hear the wine, when the glasses clink, the fire crackles, the cork creaks and the lit match lights a cigar.

A premium wine is a complex product. It impresses with its harmony, aura and capacity for development. Premium wines often need time and go through various stages of development. Often premium wines are only recognizable when their character has fully matured.

Behind such wines are winemakers who not only understand their craft perfectly, but have a philosophy of life that communicates with their wines.

In our publication “The Hundred Best Wineries” we introduce the wine producers, their philosophy and their premium products.